Thursday, August 4, 2011

HOW TO: get your own Google+ short/Vanity URL

...sharing my profile pages with my friends on social networks sites like twitter, facebook becomes so easy when using my short-name "stannesi" most times I just say "hey buddy, follow me on twitter" without even telling them my @handle, they figure it out since I'm the only @stannesi they know that ever existed on anyways my point exactly is unlike facebook and twitter, Google+ Profile doesn't have short URLs for their users profile, making it more difficult to share your Google+ profile with other people, maybe probably they expect you to google search your friend. Google+ uses a (21) digit long ID to identify users (e.g.103467992719504744575 ) or you can use your google account profile it auto-redirects you to your Google+ Profile page here's mine

Google+ doesn't use short URLs probably because most Google+ Accounts are linked to Gmail accounts, giving spammers a means to figuring out the e-mail addresses of millions of Google+ users, and you know this leads to some trust issues. Just a thought,  anyways i trust Google, they always figure it out.


I hope i didn't bore you with all that, so the reason why we're here is you don't want to be telling people use your 21 digits long ID or to circle you on Google+. That's where and several others makes an entrance. its a simple tiny web-app that lets you create a custom short URL for your Google+ Profile page, making it easy to share your profile with friend. It took me less than a min to create mine, which is easier to remember than a 21 digit long ID or

Gplus is not Google way of offering short URLs service. Google+ doesn't offer short URL for now, maybe they will in the future, but before then you should give it a try.

other Google+ vanity URLs sites
Feel free to post your thoughts and I still offer Google+ invite if you need