Friday, October 28, 2011

E-books or Printed books: Which Do You Prefer???

E-Books or Printed Books: Which Do You Prefer?

Have you ever wondered which medium of reading is better for you — electronic screen or printed text (paper books)? I know I have!

I recently read an article on Masable by Veena Bissram (a communication specialist), which highlighted a study on the issue of reading that was conducted after readers in Germany became skeptical about reading from electronic devices like e-readers and tablet PCs compared to traditional printed books. The study proved that reading from an electronic device has no negative effects, contradicting the misconception from those German readers. It was concluded that there are no disadvantages between both…blah...blah…blah…you can read about it on her article eBooks or Printed Books: WhichAre Better for You?

Well, speaking of preference, the two formats of reading are very similar. Both methods enable you to read texts. The main important thing is the texts, not the medium. Both medium have their moments…though….lol (pros and cons) I mean! J Well I’ll state some obvious difference between them:


  • Portability - E-books takes this one, you can carry multiple books on one device. I don’t want to even imagine carrying the amount of e-books I have in one of my folders on my PC in Printed format (heavy-weight). No!! No!!
  • Printed Books don’t normally cause significant eye-strain, can’t say same for e-Books. Eye-strain and RSI. Long hours spent in front of a computer screen are not very healthy.
  • You need a light-source to read Printed-Books, e-Books don’t depend on the sun-light or form light, they have in-built light.
  • Printed Books do not need power to function; reading your favourite novel on e-Books wouldn’t be so much fun if you have batter-life to worry about.
  • Hmmmm….. I want to include that eBooks are prone to viruses, but I found some of my dusty old printed books collections in my library has been brunch for rats and insects…lol I guess e-Books needs McAfee as Printed Books need an exterminator..haha.
Hmmmmm…Which Do I Prefer??
Well, I’m guilty of using both medium, but based on my cool life-style I’ll stick with my Printed Books. I don't need batteries, and I can read them just about anywhere.

Despite the fact that Late Steve Jobs brought the page-flipping feeling which we all enjoy in Printed Books to iPad, it’s still not the same as the real things. I love to doodle, a lot, on my booksJ. Using expensive readers like iPads puts a guy on the edge, entering rough areas which i normally do, a lot might attract the wrong besides I love drinking tea while I read, most times I spill, come on!! Who doesn’t! have got lots of power issues fault from my providers, which really sucks!!! Remember those times where you freely fall on your bed, wagging your legs until your shoes fall-off and flinging any object you might be holding in your hands across the room, I normally have lots of that moment…hahaha.. I wouldn’t want to fling my eBook readers!! Oouch!! One last thing don’t you just love the smell of New Books!!! Gatcha!!LOL!

What do you think? Which do you prefer??